What is a Langkah?

Langkah (Indonesian) - noun: literally step, move, pace, action, measure, stride, leap, foot, footstep, gesture, tread, footpace

In Indonesian martial arts, Pencak Silat, it commonly refers to geometric patterns on the floor used to train footwork and develop an understanding of the role of the lower body in maintaining balance and a base from which to generate power.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Camp Lansdale #19

The first weekend of October, I attended Camp Lansdale #19 at Lansdale's Self-Defense in Nacogdoches, TX. Attendance was lower than hoped for, but the people in attendance had a blast and covered some great material.

Professor Lansdale, as usual, brought the pain. In his inimitable fashion, he presented a blend of dynamic striking, pressure points, balance disruption, and joint locks. The blend formed a cohesive whole and helped everyone develop their understanding of each aspect, and the sum which was greater than its parts.

Glenn Haley brought out several techniques from American Kenpo and explained how they all tied together. While they might seem like a variety of different techniques, a common thread united all of them.

Darren Dailey showed some great examples of the correlation between empty hands and sticks from Modern Arnis, with a bit of Shen Chuan flavor thrown in for good measure.

Billy Jack Worsham, mourning the death of his brother, made a cameo appearance and illustrated some great principles for fluid striking.

Coy Harry invited us to join him in his personal exploration of space. Not outer space, but inner space. "Go where your opponent isn't." He showed how this principle can be used to counter joint locks and improve mobility and stability for power generation in techniques.

I continued Coy's train of thought with my take on it, "Move and fill empties."

All in all, it was a great camp in spite of low attendance. People who missed it, missed *a lot*.


The Wandering Guru