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Monday, March 20, 2017

Criminal Minds: Morgan and Garcia

Before I started watching Criminal Minds, I saw people on Facebook referencing the relationship between Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, and Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness. They said how strong the relationship was, and how it served as a role model and goal. I assumed it was a romantic relationship.

Now, I'm watching season 6. I have some minor problems with the show overall, because NCIS has spoiled me for shows like this. However, it is a decent show.

What surprised me, though, was the relationship between Morgan and Garcia. It isn't a romantic relationship. It is a great relationship, though.

It might, at some point, become a romantic relationship, but I doubt it. In fact, I hope not. I know that contradicts what a lot of people hope for them.

I think good, solid platonic relationships between hetero men and women are too rare on TV and in movies. The couple with good chemistry always ends up together. It has been a trope for a long time, and there's some truth behind it, that's why it works. There are plenty of familial platonic relationships on TV, such as Gibbs and Abby on NCIS, where he considers her a daughter, or DiNozzo considering Abby a sister. But there are few portrayals of platonic relationships between hetero men and women where there is chemistry between the characters that might become romantic. Where they recognize it, even flirt in a friendly way, but they also recognize they're not compatible in a romantic way.

Also, "best friends" is a great foundation on which to build a solid romantic relationship. My wife and I have done it for 22 years and counting. But the reason our relationship works is because we have a lot of common interests and our core values align.

Honestly, much as I love the characters of Morgan and Garcia, and they are my favorite part of the show, I don't think they would make a good romantic couple. They don't have enough common interests, and their basic approach to some core subjects differs drastically.

I love Kevin, Garcia's beau. Partially because I've loved Nicholas Brendan since his days as Xander on Buffy, but mostly because I think he is a good romantic match on every level for Garcia. They have a lot in common. They seem very compatible.

I am humbled to have several relationships in my life similar to the one between Morgan and Garcia. I have several female friends with whom I share a strong bond, and we can and have talked about some very intimate topics. We know we can rely on each other's discretion and, when necessary, support. We know the relationship is just friends, and we revel in it. These aren't unrequited romantic relationships, and only one of them has ever been romantic, and that was several years before I met my wife. I share the deepest sort of friendship with these women, and I cherish each and every one of those relationships and love the women as deeply as anyone can love another human.

The Wandering Guru

"Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another's personhood." — Karen Casey

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